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Tshwane Events Centre

Property Management

Wim Du Toit, CEO and TEC property Manager
Chief Creator of Awesomeness
More about Wim...
Wim du Toit is the ‘Big Kahuna’ of the Tshwane Events Centre and a recognised leader known for crafting the requisite strategic vision to achieve business goals.

He has a reputation for keeping an eagle’s eye on operations and has been instrumental in ensuring that the Events Centre implements national and international trends to maintain its status as one of the best conference facilities and events locations in the country.

Wim believes he’s the spitting image of Brad Pitt, however, others say it’s his winning personality and sense of humour that manage to clinch deals.

When not involved with activities at the Centre he spends his time walking the dogs – cleaning up after them is what he despises. Should he ever retire he might just take up on his childhood dream of becoming a driver of a road grader. The number of potholes on our roads should keep him quite busy in his old age.

His motto in life is to put his trust in God and to try to be fair at all times.

Ntombi Rewu, Sales Manager
Skype: NtombiRewu


More about Ntombi...
Ntombi is a go-getter who has worked her way up the ladder over the last decade. Ten years ago she started out as a sales person and now she’s in charge of Rental Sales and the Customer Liaison Division.

Ntombi is responsible for managing the sales team, developing a business plan covering sales, revenue, and expense controls, meeting agreed targets, and promoting the organisation’s presence throughout the country.
Her childhood dream of becoming an air hostess became partly true as she is also the middleman between the Centre and the public. Even when under severe pressure, she needs (and manages!) to smile and wave when dealing with high-calibre and enthusiastic clients in her fast-paced environment.

She will not be caught dead without her handbag and can probably sustain a small village with the amount of money she’s spent on this accessory over the years. Ntombi believes that if you want to be somebody, you’d better wake up and pay attention.

Michael Wiggins, Facility Manager
Creator of Technoliciousness
More about Michael...
Michael Wiggins is the “panic mechanic” of the Tshwane Events Centre as he provides technical direction for the development, design and systems integration for the Centre and its clients. In other words, he’s like your regular system lubricant to ensure smooth sailing at all times.

He is like a shark that got a whiff of blood when it comes to recognising system deficiencies and implementing effective solutions.

His ability to keep up with the high demands of the fast-paced environment that he operates in makes him a leader in his field of expertise. He will facilitate the equipment and technical services requirements for key conference and entertainment venues. The service is distinguished by impeccable delivery, quick turnaround and onsite technical consultation.

Other people’s stupidity sends him over the edge and like all technology geeks, he does know best. Michael believes that challenges in life are inevitable; however, what you do about them is what counts.

Finance Department

Hendrik Meyer, Finance Manager
Enforcer of Moolahlishesness
More about Hendrik...
Hendrik Meyer has a tight grip on the Tshwane Event Centre’s purse strings. His childhood dream was to become a rock star or singer but instead he’s rocking the boat in the West of Pretoria to ensure the Centre’s overall financial health.

As the person in charge of the Centre’s moolah, Hendrik plans, organises, directs, controls and evaluates the operations of the financial and accounting division. This includes developing and implementing financial policies and systems.

But don’t let his strict demeanour fool you; he’s got a few interesting party tricks up his sleeve that can turn any office function into a memorable event. His motto in life is ‘Adapt or Die’.


Kim Moss, Head: Administration
Enforcer of Awesomeness
More about Kim...
Idea girl, lover of dogs, in particular her Staffie, and mother of a few cupcake-eating children are just some of the words to describe Kim Moss. She is also Tshwane Event’s Centre’s resident detective and in essence she’s living her childhood dream of becoming a private investigator. Like a true Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote, Kim is quick to detect any administrative problems that could upset the organisation’s apple cart.

As Head of Administration she oversees the support operations of the Events Centre to ensure effective information flow and that resources are employed efficiently throughout the organisation.

Kim’s responsibilities include project management, finance, human resources, office and facilities management and clerical tasks. In fact, she’s almost like the glue keeping all the divisions together.

Over the weekends Kim can be found sleeping late or at least attempting that. Her motto is to enjoy life to the fullest.

Conference Centre

Kathy Wiggins Head of Conference Services


More about Kathy...
Kathy has been waving the sceptre as head of Tshwane Events Centre’s Conference Department since ….. She makes a meal of coordinating the operational management team to ensure that all services provided meet the clients’ needs and events are run efficiently.

Despite her dislike of traffic, she makes her way to the Conference Centre on a daily basis to strike a balance between customer satisfaction and effective business management, which often means dealing with last-minute changes or solving problems as they arise.

She lives by the saying; perfection is not a goal, it’s a starting point. However, should you find yourself in her bad books; you might just be able to coax her over with a bar of chocolate.

Jane Morobe Client Services and Liaison

More about Jane...
Jane Morobe describes herself as a shy and very quiet person. Her worst nightmare is to engage in public speaking but this wallflower is very capable when dealing with clients on a daily basis.

Her primary responsibilities include responding to client enquiries, ensuring consistent delivery of solution-focused services and developing a strong relationship with clients.

Jane believes hard work and dedication will ensure future success.

Jane Mokhari Client Services and Liaison

More about Jane...
Jane Mokhari is Tshwane Event Centre’s resident dinosaur, having worked here since the 1960s. She might just be one of the most positive people alive as she can seldom be found without a smile – a real attribute having to deal with clients on a daily basis.

As a customer liaison officer she’s a focal point for customer problems, questions or concerns. She constantly seeks to fully understand a customer’s requirements and provide unstinting support.

Jane’s motto in life is to work hard to ensure success.

Event Services & Coordination

Antoinette Venter
Event Coordination service/assistance and Event Equipment supply

083 274 4432


Neels Terblanche
Event Enquiries

071 563 8639